I think as Creative Entrepreneurs will are addicted to learning, growing our businesses and pushing ourselves to greater limits. I am constantly learning new paint finishes, and to be honest I think that is the success of our decorative painting company, Love Junk. I want to give our clients the prettiest finishes and bring them the hottest trends on the market!

I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in tutorials and classes over the past 5 years, BUT with every dollar I have spent learning, I have tripled it in new sales. Have you ever heard… You will never regret investing in yourself & business? Truer words have never been said!!

About 6 months ago I started this private Facebook group that teaches the newest & prettiest paint finishes taught by some of the BEST Faux Finishers and Painters in our industry!

The Makers’ Club is pretty much for anyone, professional painter, hobbyist, moms wanting extra income for the Holidays.. You name it, they are in our group!

We brought in our friend, Amy Murry, this month to teach a newer finish on the market, Powder Glazing. Just as I was about to hang up my brushes (that’s another story, you can watch here) I decided to offer the finish to a few new clients before closing up the shop. And this is where the mic drops!

I posted ONE picture of a Powder Glazed dresser and 7 days later added over 2k to my bank account..OFF OF ONE FINISH!!


Ladies!! Learning ONE new finish! You neeeeed to step outside your box! You need to bring your clients the latest and greatest! You must set yourself apart from the rest and I promise your banking account will thank you!!

Our group requires NO experience, none!! In The Maker’s Club teach you step-by-step how to achieve a beautiful paint finish, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! We give you the supply list of everything you will need and answer any questions you may have, PLUS it’s a Super Fun group of Ladies ((BONUS))

Can you imagine if you learned ONE new finish a month to add to your portfolio how much MORE money you could make in a year????

LISTEN!!! If you want to have access to the tutorial, HURRY!! It will be available until NOVEMBER 1st!!

To join our club click here !!!!!!



P.S- It is a PRIVATE, paid subscription group ($25/mo)! If you have questions email me at Ashley@AshleyHarisHome.com!

Your membership will run for 30 consecutive days. You will be automatically renewed in The Makers’ Club unless a cancellation is made via email to ashley@ashleyharrishome.com. If your cancellation is made within three business days of your automated billing, a refund will be issued. No refunds will be made after three business days of the charge date.