When living in a world of ever changing trends it’s hard to love your home, I mean looove your home, like Chip loves Jo kind of love!

It seems as if we were just told to love color, lots of color and now I’m supposed to embrace white walls, white cabinets, white shiplap and if I’m really feeling daring to throw in a cotton/boxwood wreath??

Therefore, I have a love/hate relationship with trends. I spend my days preaching to clients to choose what YOU love. Not what I love, not what Chip and Jo love, not what your neighbor or your best friend loves! I am not coming over and living in your house and if your reading this I doubt Chip and J are either?? Ha!

YOU need to be the one who comes home from a long day, sits on your sofa, whether it be a hand-me-down from your in-laws, green tufted velvet or a brown leather sectional (because that’s your comfort zone) and LOVE what you see!

I’ll give you an example…my sweet friend !!! (Who shall remain nameless, ha!) She loves deep reds, burgundy, golds, etc… But has this crazy desire for her house to be trendy. She did the whole rustic farmhousy thing, then tried the red + turquoise combo. THEN she went all shabby chic on me! But between every trend, goes back to her favorite reds and golds. Because that’s what she LOVES!!!!

Just like I’ve told her and every.single.client QUIT designing your spaces so that others will love it! If they don’t love your style, you are more than likely not going to love theirs. And that my friends, is what makes the world go around!

We all have the ability to be unique, be different, stand out from the trendy crowd. Let your home reflect you and your personality.

And to my sweet, sweet friend, YOU ROCK THAT RED AND GOLD WOMAN!!!!!!