Everyone, meet my New Love!

The next time I complain about Josh, please remind me of this sweet thing!

I’m obsessed with vintage campers, or I should say GLAMPERS! Not so much with the actual camping part, but they sure are so pretty and fun to look at! I have said for years I wanted to revamp a Shasta and look at what my SUPER AWESOME husband brought home!!!

Now let me tell you she looked so stinkin cute from the road, then the closer she got in my driveway it was more like just stinkin?? HA!

Wait?? I thought they said she was turquoise… at this point I’m leaning towards her color being mossy green, literally!

But we all know the power of a pressure washer and a little love! We’ve decided, although her original color was a fun yellow, to have her repainted in a super sweet turquoise! I think it just fits her better???

Now, here comes the PROBLEM! Josh is allllll business and I’m alllllll emotion. He wants to restore it and SALE her. I immediately needed a name and my heart said Mary Sue! Actually, his exact words were “Oh hell no! If you name her, you will never sale her!” Ooh, Josh.. you know me to well! Well the truth is I never had intentions of selling her in the first place, I just had to stretch the truth a little bit, otherwise he would have never brought her home. Ok, so I lied..

I can see her sitting by our pool, with a little deck and window planter boxes. An umbrella and hanging Christmas lights… OH MY, I can’t let her go!!!!

In these next few weeks, we will start getting our plans together, doing research and hopefully beginning this little facelift on Mary Sue! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the details and help us make decisions!

You can also check out our #live tour we did last week!


Happy Glamping Sweet Friends!



Check out our Facebook #live introducing sweet Mary Sue!

#Live Meet & Greet for my sweet ?Mary Sue??!!Prayers appreciated for myself, my marriage & my banking account!!

Posted by Ashley Harris Home on Sunday, March 26, 2017