Step-by-Step Front Door Makeover






Did you know painting your front door is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to add instant curb appeal to your home??



  • Drop cloth (or I use sheets or towels from Goodwill!)
  • Paint brush (2-3 in works best)
  • Roller (I use Sherwin Williams Velour rollers, they are my fave!)
  • Painters tape


In this tutorial we are using Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Playful, my personal favorite! But if you are having a hard time choosing which color works best for your home, head over to the app store and use their free ‘Front Door paint’ app! Seriously, it’s so stinkin easy!

First things first! You need to know if your door was previously painted with oil or latex paint. Finding out is super easy, all you need is a rag and rubbing alcohol! Dip your rag in the alcohol and rub a spot on your door. If paint comes off, GOOD NEWS! Its latex. If you are painting over a previously oil painted door OR new doors, you are going to want to use a bonding primer FIRST!

Here comes the worst part…PREP! And yes, I would love to say that you can avoid this part, but unfortunately this is one of the very few projects that you need to follow the rules on! HA! If your door is painted in latex paint, simply clean the door and make sure it is free of any dust and loose paint. If oil, remember to use a bonding primer first.
























 the fun part! Painting!!

(watch our #live front door tutorial below for all the tips and tricks!)

If your door has panels, make sure to paint the reveals and the panel insets first. Then the middle, top and bottom sections paint horizontally. Finally, you will paint the sides vertically. Wait one hour and then repeat with your second coat!

Three coats may be necessary of you are painting a light color over a darker color. Also, remember to leave your door open for 2-3 hours for proper dry time. Remove any tape annnnnnnd YOUR DONE!


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Happy DIY’ing Friends!!



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Posted by Ashley Harris Home on Monday, March 20, 2017