I remember coming home one afternoon in February of 2013 and telling Josh about a vintage rocker I had seen earlier in the day. I was weirdly drawn to this little chair, nothing special to it really. My mother’s birthday was coming and we didn’t have the money to buy her anything special. Maybe a card, hopefully some flowers. But I decided that day, to go back and buy that chair, with money I really didn’t need to spend. I knew if I put enough love into it and made her pretty, my mom would love it!

We had just moved back home from Ft. Carson, CO with two small kids and hope that we could find decent jobs, after a promising position had fell through. (literally…driving home on I-20 we got the news) We didn’t have savings, hardly any money, just family and hope and a LOT of prayers.

Love Junk…it was an answered prayer, for myself, for my kids, for my family. Somehow it turned into a Facebook page, then we actually bought a planner and started scheduling. The phone started ringing and before we knew it, it was a thing, a real-life business. That little, not so special chair, changed my life. I know, I know it sounds so silly, but it did!

We literally started out by painting candlesticks and $5 picture frames, then bedroom furniture, then kitchen cabinets, then garage doors. Then a friend of a friend of a friend called and said “Come show me what I need to do, my space is so dated”. I did, then it turned into one of those “just come over and do it for me” kind of things. Ashley Harris Home started that day and I’ve never looked back. I literally dream of exposed brick and striped curtains, velvet chairs on wide plank floors. Front porches with white chippy rocking chairs, beside your monogrammed rug flanked by matching concrete urns…Ahhh, see, that’s my happy place… dreaming and creating beautiful spaces for you to love.

See I had a point here, then once again got side tracked by velvet and exposed brick, HA!

Love Junk started out just as a financial blessing, four years later it has become one of my biggest blessings of my 30 years here on earth.

I want you to do this for me, when you finally find your little rocker, like I did back in 2013, go for it! Buy the rocker and don’t look back…

My wish is for you to have the courage to step out of your comfort zone or maybe take a leap of faith that others don’t believe in and chase your wildest dreams! I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t have an accountant or a website, a store front… I painted in my parent’s shop, I painted on my counter top at home after the kids went to bed, I painted in the shade behind our house…for a long time before I realized what a blessing this would be for us. Isn’t that funny how that works?

I am incredibly blessed to have each and every one of you on this journey with me, I hope to inspire you, motivate you and teach you a few things I’ve learned along the way!

My job is to design a home you love, my wish is for YOU to design a life you love!

Xo- Ashley