1 on 1 Coaching

Listen, I hear you!! I know firsthand owning a creative business can be hard. It can be stressful and confusing and bring more overwhelm than most people can imagine! But here me out!

I have spent the last five years growing my decorative painting and design business from the ground up! I have attended class after class after class- learning and trying to better my business. And although I still have so much to learn, I want to share everything I know with YOU!

I have learned in the last two years how to rapidly grow my social media following, earn passive income while I sleep, delegate tasks to others, Brand MYSELF & market my business in a way that works for me!

And I can help YOU do the same!

Are you..

  • Having trouble with time management?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Constantly overwhelmed?
  • Having a challenging time connecting to your followers and other brands?
  • WHEN do you hire? HOW do you hire? WHO do you hire??

I would LOVE to help you!!

The best part about our One-on-One Coaching session, is it is about YOU and only YOU! It’s private, it’s confidential and our number #1 goal is to create a roadmap for YOUR success! Let’s work together and end your overwhelm, get you back to loving your creative business again and learn how to make you more $$ with less stress!

How it works!

You get (2) One hour calls with me each month!

We will discuss where you are currently & where you want to be then we will chat about what you are realllly good at and your struggles! (this is ALWAYS an eye opener) Once we have talked through those we put together a plan of action for your creative business!

The free time you have in between our calls gives you the opportunity to implement the steps you’ve learned!